Our International Placements
At Choithram College we want to give our students International Exposure. We do have Students Placements Programmes with Foreign Employers. The students are trained in Retail Market Management and groomed for employment by Foreign Chain of Retail Stores located at Dubai, U. K. and West Africa. These collaborations have made it easy for Choithram College students to go abroad to make a career in International Market. Every year selected students are groomed and trained to enhance their soft skills and personality to make them job enabled for overseas placement which will be provided by the college in association with the Choithram Trust´s overseas ventures. In line with the above, our students placed abroad are:

  • 1. Yash Rajole- Dubai

  • 2. Sachin Pandey- South Africa

  • 3. Chandramohan Bhardwaj- Dubai

  • 4. Arun Patel- Dubai

  • 5. Shrinath Suryavanshi- Dubai

  • 6. Chadra Shekhar Soni- Dubai